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Registration for Winter Indoor 2017/2018 is now closed.
Deadline to register was Sunday, December 3rd.
Registration Questions:
Submit Player Card Photos:
Non-registration related questions:

To register, you must already be affiliated with a team...meaning, you must have already contacted a team's coach/manager, or otherwise been "approved" by that team to register with them.  Coaches will review their rosters after registration...any "unknown" players will be dropped from the roster.  If you are currently looking to get on a team, please visit our league message form, and visit the "Teams Seeking Players" and "Players Seeking Teams" sections.

GMSA Indoor has two leagues:  Coed League & Men's League.
Players may ONLY PLAY for ONE TEAM per league, regardless of division.

Registration Fees For Winter 2017-2018 Indoor:
If you are playing for one team (men's OR coed): $30.00
If you are playing for two teams (men's AND coed): $60.00

The on-line registration service is provided through, which is also endorsed and utilized by Tennessee State Soccer Association (TSSA).  This registration option is provided through a secure server to assure confidentiality and security for your credit card information.  Registering on-line requires the use of a Visa, Visa Check Card, or MasterCard.  Please note that there is a small processing fee that will be charged for all on-line registrations by  This processing fee is non-refundable.

When you open the actual registration form, PLEASE read all of the options on the registration form CAREFULLY.  There are a few different options which may or may not apply to you.  Please make note of the instructions on the confirmation page (after you submit payment), particularly those concerning the submission of a PHOTOGRAPH for your player card.

Player Card Photo Is Required:

We must have a "head-shot" photo for you, or your registration will not be finalized, and you will NOT be able to play.  No exceptions.  If we have a photo for you from the last five years, you do not need to submit another.  If you have not submitted a new photo in the last five years, please submit a new one as soon as possible. If your photo is missing, you will be contacted by the league when player cards are printed, though this will delay your eligibility.  If you are not sure, send in a new one anyway.  It won't hurt!

PLEASE make sure the photo is large enough, clear enough, and IN COLOR.  Black and white photos, or photos that are too small or too grainy, will not be accepted.  Also, do NOT scan a photo from an existing ID card (i.e., a drivers license), as the markings/watermarks/etc. on the license typically make these photos grainy, blurry, and/or unusable.

Photos should preferably be emailed to our registrar at  Please include your name and team name(s) in the body of the email.  (Digital photos emailed in JPG format are preferred.) 

There is no in-person registration for our indoor season.

There are no refunds or medical insurance offered during indoor sessions.  A secondary medical insurance policy is only available through state registration during our Spring and Fall outdoor seasons.
Thank you for registering online: 

Please contact our league registrar, Michael Dumas at if you have any questions or comments about on-line registration.

Enjoy the season!


Registration for Winter Indoor Season is closed.
Deadline to register passed on Sunday, December 3rd.

As with all on-line transactions, be sure to click the "submit payment" button
ONLY ONCE at the end of the process to avoid having your credit card billed twice.



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