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About GMSA's Indoor League (Please read details below below registering your team):

Important Rules Reminders:
* Referee fees are $30 per team per game, paid in cash at the field to the referee crew (just like outdoor).  Coaches, please bring exact cash if at all possible.  (It's tough to break a $100!)
 * All players must have identical jerseys (same brand, color, style, etc) with unique numbers, again, just like outdoor.  No exceptions.
 * Shin guards ARE required.  No exceptions.
 * ONLY turf shoes and/or indoor-specific shoes are allowed on the playing surface.  Flats are allowed, but not recommended.  Regular outdoor cleats are NOT allowed.  You will not be allowed to participate wearing outdoor cleats.  (House rules)
 * Foul counts will be kept.  Every seventh foul results in a shootout with the goalkeeper for the opposing team.  Ball placed at the half-way line, all other players behind the red line.  When the whistle blows, it's a live ball.
 * 2-minute penalties are enforced beginning from the restart whistle (the penalty clock starts on the whistle and is kept on the referee's watch.)  A goal scored by the opposing team ends the penalty if scored before 2 minutes are up. 
 * A yellow card also carries a 2-minute penalty.  However, a goal scored by the opposing team does NOT end a yellow card penalty.
 * A red card is a 5-minute "major" penalty.  The player is ejected, may not return to the game, and must leave the field.  A red card penalty also does NOT end with a goal scored.  It runs the entire five minutes before the ejected player can be replaced.
 * Two blue-card (2 minutes penalties) on the same player equals a yellow card.  Two yellow or three blue-cards equals a red.
Other Rules & Points Of Emphasis:
* Referees have the option to stop the clock during the final two minutes for fouls that result in a significantly delayed restart.
* The goalkeeper is able to handle the ball on a pass-back an unlimited number of times when the ball is first possessed inside the team's own red line.  If the team passes/dribbles the ball from outside the red line inside the zone, the goalkeeper is NOT able to handle the ball, until the ball is touched by an opponent. 
* Goalkeepers may not punt or drop-kick the ball; they also may not handle the ball if they dribble it back into the penalty box.  (Free kick from the top of the arc is the penalty for each.)
* Any foul resulting in a penalty kick will also carry a mandatory blue-card (2:00-minute penalty) foul.
* Penalty kicks are taken from the line at the top of the box (not the top of the arc).  Pass-back violations will still be taken from the top of the arc.
* Substitutions may still be made on the fly or at any stoppage; the player coming off the field must be within two yards of the bench before the new player comes on to the field.  Violation is a two-minute penalty (too many players on the field).

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