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Final Summer 2017 Schedule
(PDF Version)  (Summer League Rules)

  Men's Upper Division   Men's Lower Division   Coed Lower Division   Coed Upper Division

  Sunday, June 18
  14A 14B 16A 16B 17A 17B
1:30 Shazam For Food vs. Misfits OB Boys vs. Champion Steamers Rage Red vs. FC Manyaks Socrosaurs vs. We United Coed Hydra vs. AFC Coed 1  
2:30 D-County's Finest vs. Los Quemados Red Devils vs. CFC 2 Rage White vs. Man Chest Hair United Gas Station Friend Chicken vs. Champion Steamers Coed Outlaws vs. AFC Coed 2 Pink Ninjas vs. En Fuego
3:30 CFC 1 vs. Ruh-Rogues FC Shap vs. Memphis Commanders II Thot Brigade vs. FC Wolves Wannabes vs. Prestige Worldwide Fidget Spinnerz Coed vs. Osaka Rage Eric & The Lys vs. AFC CU
4:30 Mar5 vs. Memphis Commanders I The Lads vs. Lua Red Big Ballers vs. Arsenal Fidget Spinnerz vs. AFC Men Straight Shooters vs. Rovers Hearts vs. Binghampton FC
5:30 Mafia vs. VFC Gray Memphis Saints vs. Lua Blue Central FC vs. Phoenix AFC Men vs. Team Tania Gunners vs. Motley Crew Chicken Nuggets vs. ABCDE FC
6:30 VFC Yellow vs. Memphis United Warriors vs. MCFC2 Team Tranmere vs. Karate Monkeys DeSoto United vs. Blum's Army Henchmen vs. Highskool Heroes  
  Sunday, June 25
  14A 14B 16A 16B 17A 17B
1:30 VFC Yellow vs. Mar5 Mafia vs. MCFC2 Memphis Saints vs. Blum's Army Team Tranmere vs. Prestige Worldwide Hydra vs. We United Coed  
2:30 VFC Gray vs. Los Quemados Central FC vs. Lua Red The Lads vs. Karate Monkeys OB Boys vs. FC Wolves Rovers vs. Henchmen Binghampton FC vs. AFC CU
3:30 D-County's Finest vs. Warriors Memphis Commanders II vs. Lua Blue FC Shap vs. FC Manyaks Fidget Spinnerz vs. Phoenix Fidget Spinnerz Coed vs. AFC Coed 2 En Fuego vs. ABCDE FC
4:30 Memphis United vs. Memphis Commanders I Lua Blue vs. Champion Steamers Big Ballers vs. Man Chest Hair United AFC Men vs. Team Tania Osaka Rage vs. Straight Shooters Hearts vs. Eric & The Lys
5:30 CFC 1 vs. Shazam For Food Arsenal vs. Red Devils Rage Red vs. Thot Brigade Socrosaurs vs. Champion Steamers Coed AFC Coed 1 vs. Highskool Heroes Pink Ninjas vs. Chicken Nuggets
6:30 Ruh-Rogues vs. Misfits DeSoto United vs. CFC 2 Rage White vs. Wannabes Motley Crew vs. Gas Station Friend Chicken Outlaws vs. Gunners  
  Sunday, July 2
  14A 14B 16A 16B 17A 17B
1:30 Memphis United vs. Los Quemados Wannabes vs. The Lads Rage White vs. Karate Monkeys Fidget Spinnerz Coed vs. Outlaws Hydra vs. Socrosaurs  
2:30 Ruh-Rogues vs. VFC Gray Fidget Spinnerz vs. Team Tania Rage Red vs. Blum's Army Gunners vs. Gas Station Friend Chicken AFC Coed 1 vs. We United Coed  
3:30 VFC Yellow vs. D-County's Finest Big Ballers vs. Lua Red Thot Brigade vs. Memphis Saints Prestige Worldwide vs. Arsenal Osaka Rage vs. AFC Coed 2 Binghampton FC vs. En Fuego
4:30 CFC 1 vs. Mafia FC Shap vs. Lua Blue FC Manyaks vs. DeSoto United  FC Wolves vs. AFC Men Rovers vs. Highskool Heroes Hearts vs. Pink Ninjas
5:30 Shazam For Food vs. MCFC2 Central FC vs. Champion Steamers Man Chest Hair United vs. Team Tranmere  CFC 2 vs. Memphis Commanders II Straight Shooters vs. Henchmen AFC CU vs. ABCDE FC
6:30 Mar5 vs. Warriors Memphis Commanders vs. Misfits Phoenix vs. OB Boys  Red Devils vs. CFC 2 Motley Crew vs. Champion Steamers Coed Eric & The Lys vs. Chicken Nuggets
  Sunday, July 9
  14A 14B 16A 16B 17A 17B
1:30 Ruh-Rogues vs. Mafia Shazam For Food vs. Mar5 Phoenix vs. Man Chest Hair United Champion Steamers vs. Fidget Spinnerz Hydra vs. Gunners  
2:30 Memphis United vs. D-County's Finest Team Tania vs. Red Devils Team Tranmere vs. Arsenal Man Chest Hair United vs. The Lads Fidget Spinnerz Coed vs. Champion Steamers Coed Hearts vs. AFC CU
3:30 Los Quemados vs. Warriors Blum's Army vs. FC Shap Karate Monkeys vs. Big Ballers OB Boys vs. AFC Men Osaka Rage vs. Rovers Eric & The Lys vs. ABCDE FC
4:30 CFC 1 vs. Misfits DeSoto United vs. Memphis Commanders II Prestige Worldwide vs. Rage White FC Manyaks vs. Memphis Saints AFC Coed 1 vs. Motley Crew Binghampton FC vs. Pink Ninjas
5:30 VFC Yellow vs. Memphis Commanders I Lua Red vs. Wannabes CFC 2 vs. Rage Red Socrosaurs vs. Gas Station Friend Chicken AFC Coed 2 vs. Highskool Heroes En Fuego vs. Chicken Nuggets
6:30 VFC Gray vs. MCFC2 Lua Blue vs. Thot Brigade FC Wolves vs. Central FC Outlaws vs. Henchmen We United Coed vs. Straight Shooters  
  Sunday, July 16
  14A 14B 16A 16B 17A 17B
1:30 VFC Yellow vs. Los Quemados Champion Steamers vs. CFC 2 Arsenal vs. Rage White AFC Coed 2 vs. Henchmen Hydra vs. Motley Crew  
2:30 CFC 1 vs. VFC Gray Blum's Army vs. FC Wolves Memphis Commanders II vs. Rage Red AFC Coed 1 vs. Socrosaurs Gunners vs. Champion Steamers Coed Binghampton FC vs. Eric & The Lys
3:30 Memphis Commanders I vs. Warriors Red Devils vs. Fidget Spinnerz Lua Red vs. Man Chest Hair United AFC Men vs. Central FC Osaka Rage vs. Outlaws Pink Ninjas vs. ABCDE FC
4:30 Misfits vs. MCFC2 Thot Brigade vs. FC Shap Lua Blue vs. FC Manyaks Central FC vs. OB Boys  Fidget Spinnerz Coed vs. Rovers Hearts vs. En Fuego
5:30 Ruh-Rogues vs. Shazam For Food Karate Monkeys vs. Prestige Worldwide Team Tania vs. Phoenix Memphis Saints vs. DeSoto United  Straight Shooters vs. Highskool Heroes AFC CU vs. Chicken Nuggets
6:30 Memphis United vs. Mar5 D County's Finest vs. Mafia The Lads vs. Team Tranmere  Wannabes vs. Big Ballers We United Coed vs. Gas Station Friend Chicken  
  Sunday, June 23
  14A 14B 16A 16B 17A 17B
1:30 MCFC2 vs. CFC 1  Ruh-Rogues vs. Memphis United Thot Brigade vs. DeSoto United  Wannabes vs. Team Tranmere  Champions Steamers Coed vs. Hydra   
2:30 D-County's Finest vs. Mar5 CFC 2 vs. FC Shap Blum's Army vs. FC Manyaks Champion Steamers vs. Phoenix Gas Station Friend Chicken vs. AFC Coed 1 Pink Ninjas vs. Eric & The Lys
3:30 Warriors vs. VFC Yellow  Red Devils vs. OB Boys  Team Tania vs. Central FC AFC Men vs. Phoenix Henchmen vs. Fidget Spinnerz Coed  ABCDE FC vs. Binghampton FC
4:30 VFC Gray vs. Misfits Karate Monkeys vs. Man Chest Hair United Lua Blue vs. Rage Red FC Wolves vs. Fidget Spinnerz Rovers vs. AFC Coed 2 Chicken Nuggets vs. Hearts 
5:30 Mafia vs. Shazam For Food Memphis Commanders II vs. Memphis Saints Lua Red vs. Rage White Gunners vs. Socrosaurs Straight Shooters vs. Outlaws En Fuego vs. AFC CU
6:30 Los Quemados vs. Memphis Commanders I Arsenal vs. The Lads Prestige Worldwide vs. Big Ballers Highskool Heroes vs. Osaka Rage Motley Crew vs. We United Coed  


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