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There are two ways to register for the current season:

1. Register on-line (strongly preferred):  If possible, we encourage you to register on-line, utilizing your Visa or MasterCard by CLICKING HERE.  Following registration, be sure to submit a photo to the registrar via email.

2. Register in person:  In person registration for each Fall season is typically held on the last Sunday of GMSA summer league; in-person registration for each Spring Season is typically held the last Sunday in January.  Watch the front page of the website for specific times. Please bring a check made out to "GMSA", or exact cash.  We CANNOT take credit cards at in-person registration.  Player card photos will be taken at in-person registration for all players that need one.

All pre-season registration must be received two weeks prior to the start of the season (two Mondays before the first Sunday).  For in-season registration, on-line data will be checked each WEDNESDAY after 10:00 p.m. (beginning with the first Wednesday of the season).  All registrations receivedby that time will be processed, and a player card will be produced.  Our registrar's report will show a list of weekly cut-off dates, and which players were registered/approved to play each week.  The registrar will place all completed player cards in the GMSA Card Pick-Up Box (across from the restrooms near fields 4 & 6 at Mike Rose) prior to Sunday games.  Cards for new players may be picked up, usually an hour before games begin for that day.

The registrar has the final say on what is and is not acceptable, and will not submit incomplete forms to the state office.  If there are any problems with a form, the registrar will contact the player and/or coach in question.  Forms will be processed as described above.  GMSA supports all decisions made by the registrar.

NOTE:  The $85 field rental portion of the fee that goes to the Mike Rose Complex is a one-time fee for that season.  If you are playing in another league (NASL Over-30, etc.), and have already paid your MRSC field fee to GMSA, you can subtract $85 from the total that you pay to your other league.  The field fee is a one-time fee for each season, regardless of how many leagues in which you play.  This should only be a factor with players added during the season; as GMSA holds its registration prior to that of other leagues, it should not be an issue during pre-season registration.



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