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Are you interested in starting a new team in GMSA's fall or spring leagues?  If the answer is "yes", we're pleased that you're interested in joining us!  Be sure to read all of the following information carefully.

1. The most important first step to enter a new team is to simply let us know.  To do this, complete the PROSPECTIVE NEW TEAM FORM expressing your interest.

We'll ask you to:

At this stage, the league can accommodate a maximum of about 44-48 men's teams, and 26-30 coed teams, based on our available resources (fields, referees, etc.).  Typically, we are very close to those numbers currently, so while we usually have enough space available, immediate placement is not always guaranteed.  New teams may be asked to meet more stringent registration requirements, including earlier registration deadlines, which will be communicated to each new team's coach/manager. 

2. Once we give you the go-ahead that your team can enter the league, then every player on your team must register by the pre-determined deadline to be eligible for his/her team's first game.  Registration averages a little more than $100 per player each season (slightly less for over-35 players).  Dates and deadlines will be published on the front page of the website as they become available.  Typical/average season costs are available here.

Players can register on-line (as most does) or at the one in-person date for each season...

  • Players who choose to register on-line can click here and follow the instructions to pay by credit card.  (Note:  Those registering on-line will be charged a small processing fee from, our on-line registration provider, over and above their registration fees...this fee averages about 4% of your registration cost.)  When you register on line, you can electronically sign the TSSA Waiver Form, which is a requirement of registration.
  • Players who register in person must come to the conference room in the Mike Rose Complex (9000 Shelby Drive at Forest Hill Irene, just off of Highway 385), located near the entrance to the stadium, on the date and time listed on the front page of the website.  (Note:  There is only one date listed for in-person registration each season; this is the only date that GMSA reps will be available to register players in person.  You can't register in person at any other time.)
  • For a list of this season's registration costs, click here.
  • All players, regardless of method of registration, MUST provide a photograph for their league player card at the time of registration, if they have not already done so with the league in previous seasons.  (If any player is unsure if they still have a photograph still on file with the league, that player can contact our registrar to find out for sure.)  We prefer that all new players (those who have not played in the league before) come to in-person registration and have a digital photo taken for their player card at this time, whether they actually register in person or on-line.  Alternately, players may email a digital photo of their own, in JPG format, to the league registrar (

    If a player chooses to submit his own photo, the photo must be in COLOR of the player from the chest up.  The head of the player needs to be at least the size of a nickel, and the total image of the player should be at least 200 pixels high.  There can be other people in the photo if the player can be electronically removed.  If the registrar judges the photo not to sufficiently meet these requirements, he will ask that another be submitted.  NOTE:  Registration is NOT COMPLETE until a photo is submitted; players missing photos will remain INELIGIBLE until a photo is received.

    3. Complete the Team Scheduling Request Form.  This is VERY IMPORTANT information that will assist us in scheduling your team to play this season.  While there are no guarantees on scheduling, accurately completing this information will give us a much better idea of when you prefer to play, so that we can schedule you on those days/times as frequently as possible.  Any teams that do not submit a form by then will have no input into their schedule.  (Forms available here)

    4. Return to the "Download Forms" page and download the "GMSA Match Report Form."  This form must be TYPED in advance of your game and submitted to the referee at the field, along with your player cards and your $65 referee fee.  This form lists all of your players, their ID numbers, and their jersey numbers...all of this information should be printed on the report.  To ensure accuracy of reporting, we discourage coaches from waiting until they arrive at the field to fill in this information...please do it in advance!  We will ask that you submit a list of your team's assigned jersey numbers prior to the start of the season as well.

    5. Be sure to procure uniforms for your team well in advance of the season.  Jerseys need not be expensive or extravagant, but they must be absolutely IDENTICAL (same color, style, and manufacturer) with numbers that are permanently affixed (screened or sewn to the taped-on numbers are allowed).  Players without identical jerseys will not be allowed to exceptions!!  When you order your jerseys, we encourage you to order at least four (or more) extra jerseys that you can have on hand, should you add players during the course of the season, or for that inevitable time that someone shows up without their jersey.  (Get them now, in case that style is discontinued by the manufacturer!)  If you get enough at once, you can usually use that same set of jerseys for several seasons.

    * Before ordering your jerseys, you are advised to identify a jersey color that is not prevalent in your division, if possible.  (In some of the larger divisions, most colors are probably taken by at least one team.)  We encourage all teams to have an alternate jersey available to them, but any teams whose jersey colors conflict with other teams in their division MUST have an alternate jersey for that particular game.  The home team is required to change shirts if there is a conflict.  All alternate jerseys must meet the same requirements as your preferred jersey.  (Matching shorts and socks are encouraged, but not required.)

    6. Each coach/manager will need to collect enough money from his team to be able to pay the referees...beginning in Spring 2017, ref fees are $80 per team per game for a full three-man crew.  ($20 per team per game for over-35 games for one referee.)  On those rare occasions where we have fewer than three referees, the cost goes down (see match report for details).  You are guaranteed 10 regular season games, plus at least one tournament game for those teams that qualify.  The league will pay the referee fees for the semi-finals and/or finals of each tournament, but teams are responsible for all other games.  So, you should plan to pay for 11-12 games, depending on the tourney format, and on how far your team advances.  (That's approximately $880-960 per season; divide that by the number of players on your roster, and collect that much from each player so that you've got enough to pay referees for the duration of the season.)

    7. You will be provided with your player cards at the coaches meeting before each season.  You MUST present your player cards to the referee prior to each exceptions, no excuses!  Failure to present your cards, along with the game fee and match report at each match, will result in a FORFEIT...for reasons of liability, we cannot waver from this policy.  If you know you're going to be out of town or unavailable to attend the match, relay the cards to someone else on the team!  Don't get stuck without them.  A "backup" set of player card will be made available on-line in PDF format, and can be accessed in case of emergencies.  However, a printed match report must always be presented to the referees.

    8. Remember, illegal players will absolutely not be tolerated.  Again, for reasons of legal liability, it is very dangerous to have unregistered players on the field.  Should they injure themselves or another player, there are potentially damaging and significant legal consequences that could be posed against the referee, the other players in question, and the league itself.  Any team caught using illegal players will be severely disciplined by the league, including suspension of the coach, barring of the illegal player from subsequent registration and/or participation for at least one full season, and for teams that are repeat offenders, possible expulsion from the league.  We take our registration requirements very should you.  Pleading ignorance to the rules won't've been warned!!!

    9.  Lastly, be sure to take a few minutes to read our full LEAGUE RULES page.  There are a few things that we do differently from some leagues, including cumulative yellow card suspensions, disciplinary procedures, divisional tiebreakers, and more.  Again, pleading ignorance to the rules doesn't go over very well...we expect our teams to know them and abide by them, so take a few minutes now and review them.

    If you have any questions about these steps, please let us know as soon as possible.  We will be happy to help in any way we can!


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