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Beginning in 1999, GMSA established the first of its league-wide Cup Competitions:

  Tommy Smith Challenge Cup Champions
(Upper Division Fall Tournament)
Inaugurated 1999:
Victory Cup Champions
(Lower Division Fall Tournament)
Inaugurated 2001:
Coed Cup Champions
(Coed Inter-Divisional Tournament)
Inaugurated 2000:
2011 Memphis United FC RSM Stratford Nuggets FC
2010 Showboats FC Rage FC Showboats FC
2009 Bandits Warriors FC Showboats FC
2008 Memphis Tigers FC Strikers FC Showboats FC
2007 Darkside FC Memphis Crew FC Those Guys FC
2006 FC Celtic Rowdies FC Dragons
2005 Memphis United FC DeSoto United Dragons
2004 Memphis United FC Memphis Fire Red Rovers
2003 FC Celtic FC Europe Hearts FC
2002 Kickers FC Ring Rockets Underdogs
2001 Flyers Cambodian FC Corsairs
2000 Flyers --- Corsairs
1999 Flyers --- ---

Maybry Cup - Men's Winners:

Men's Maybry Cup Champions (Division Structure, 2010-Present)
In the Spring 2010 season, a Maybry Cup winner was determined in each men's division, rather than combining the Premier, Championship and Conference Divisions.

Men's Premier
First Division
Men's Premier
Second Division
Men's Championship
First Division
Men's Championship
Second Division
Men's Conference
First Division
Men's Conference
Second Division
Men's Conference
Third Division
2011 Showboats FC* Memphis Mafia Misfits DeSoto United AC Frayser CFC Stratford United
2010 Memphis United FC FC Europe Maniax FC Misfits Phoenix FC FC Nutbush None

Men's Maybry Cup Champions (Division Structure, 2009)
In the Spring 2009 season, a single Maybry Cup winner was determined among the Premier Divisions and the Championship Divisions; separate winners was held for Conference First & Second Divisions, and for Conference Third Division (at the time, the Conference Third Division was larger than all other divisions, hence why it was not combined with another division for the Cup.)

Men's Premier Divisions
First & Second
Men's Championship Divisions
First & Second
Men's Conference Divisions
First & Second
Men's Conference
Third Division
(Maybry Cup Winner
2009 Memphis International Crew FC Rage FC Express

Men's Maybry Cup Champions (Previous Division Structure, 2000-2008)

Premier Division
First Division
Second Division
Third Division
Fourth Division
2008 Darkside FC Flyers Legends DeSoto United Strikers FC Rangers FC
2007 US Football Club DeSoto United Memphis International FC Rešl Memphis Midtown SC
2006 --- FC Celtic FC Europe DeSoto United Americans (Men)
2005 --- Memphis United FC FC Europe DeSoto United Pride FC
2004 --- Kickers FC Club Med Strangers FC SiNep
2003 --- Flyers Storm Kodiak FC Outlanders FC
2002 --- Memphis United FC Dark Side Cambodian FC Arsenal
2001 --- Kickers Shooters The Mighty Rowdies Rage
2000 --- Kickers Viagra FC Vietnamese FC ---

Maybry Cup - Coed Winners:

Coed Premier Division
(Founded 2007)
Coed First Division
(Founded 1993)
Coed Second Division
(Founded 2002, Resumed 2008)
Coed Third Division
(Founded 2005)
2011 Nuggets Strangers FC DeSoto United Renegades
2010 Heart Of Memphis FC Blizzard FC Hydra FC ---
2009 Showboats Strangers FC Rogues ---
2008 Dragons Lightning FC Predators ---
2007 Dragons Freeze FC --- ---
2006 --- Those Guys FC Mutiny Agents
2005 --- Heart Of Memphis FC Mutiny Cyclones
2004 --- Nuggets Sounds ---
2003 --- Corsairs Convicts ---
2002 --- Underdogs --- ---
2001 --- Corsairs --- ---
2000 --- Underdogs --- ---

Maybry Cup - Women's Winners:
(The Maybry Cup was first contested in the women's divisions in 2010.)

Women's First Division
(Founded 2008)
Women's Second Division
(Founded 2008)
2011 Vipers ---
2010 Showgirls Unida Jaguars




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