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Many players and coaches have been asking the league for some way to give feedback about referees.  After a few discussions with a few of my fellow referees, committee members, and players, the league has developed the following form as a tool for players to objectively evaluate the referee's performance on a particular game.  If there are any other criteria/questions that you would like to see added to this form, please let us know. 

Keep in mind, this is the referee FEEDBACK form, not the referee SLAM is meant to evaluate a referee's performance fairly, whether it is good, bad, or somewhere in the middle!  Please use it for ALL of the above situations!  I often get questions/complaints about "how players can give feedback about referees," only after what a player feels was a poor performance by a referee.  

As a referee myself, I implore you to utilize this form to give POSITIVE feedback as well.  If you think the referee did a great job, let's hear about it!  Let me put it another way...if you give a referee a glowing recommendation, you are more likely to see that referee working more frequently.  While these evaluations are by no means an "official" method of evaluating referees, they do help in picking up patterns if a referee is having trouble at a certain level, and they will be used to give "cumulative" feedback if and when it is necessary.  Some of you may be surprised to learn (though I actually wasn't too surprised) the overwhelming amount of feedback thus far has been extremely positive...please keep it up!

This is proving to be a very valuable tool for all parties, so I thank you in advance for your assistance and your participation!

Curt Rogers

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