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Download a copy of the current USSF Referee Report Form HERE. (Word Document)

USSF Report Writing - Samples & Tips:  Here are some examples of how to format the various items in your supplement report.  This is by no means an all-inclusive list, nor are these the ONLY formats you can use, but the following are simply meant to be used as a guide to help you better format your reports.  If you need help with writing any other aspects of your report, please ask your assignor, or any of your fellow referees.  Working together is our most important skill!  Remember, any caution, send-off, injury, or other unusual occurrance that is noted on the first page of the report, should be further explained in the narrative on the second page.

Cautionable Offenses:

In the 18th minute, John Doe (#14, Lions - #DOE-99-9999) was cautioned and shown the yellow card for unsporting behavior.  The incident involved a reckless tackle.  (For most cautionable offenses, a couple of sentences will should state the time of the offense, the name of the offending player, their jersey number, team name, and player ID number if available.  You should also indicate that the player was cautioned AND shown the yellow card.)

In the 28th minute, Robert Roe (#9, Tigers, #ROE-00-0000) was cautioned and shown the yellow card for dissent.  (In most instances, it is not necessary to elaborate on the type of dissent.  In some instances, quoting what was said might be appropriate.)

Jane Doe (#23, Bears - #DOE-88-8888) intentionally handled the ball during the 37th minute of play; Doe was cautioned and shown the yellow card for unsporting behavior.  (Arranged a bit differently from above, but all of the critical information is included.)

In the 81st minute, Jack Harper (#31, Animals - #HAR-33-3333) committed his third foul in a period of approximately 10 minutes.  Harper was cautioned and shown the yellow card for persistently infringing the laws of the game.  (Describing each foul needed to reach that threshold is not necessary.)

Sending-Off Offense:

In the 65th minute, Steve Stephens (#5, Whiners - #STE-55-5555) was shown the red card and sent off for Serious Foul Play.  The incident involved Mr. Smith committing a tackle from behind with the studs of his boot showing, which endangered the safety of his opponent.  (For a sending-off offense, be a bit more specific as to the nature and details of the incident, to better distinguish it from a mere cautionable offense.)

In the 77th minute, Andy Anderson (#17, Criers - #AND-77-7777) was sent off and shown the red card for Violent Conduct.  Mr. Anderson tripped an opponent, causing both he and his opponent to fall to the ground.  After the whistle had sounded, and as Mr. Anderson was getting off the ground, he struck his opponent in the side of the head with a closed fist.  (Again, more sure not to confuse violent conduct and serious foul play.)

In the 83rd minute, Will Williams (#24, Complainers - #WIL-44-4444) was dismissed from the match and shown the red card for the use of Foul, Abusive or Insulting Language.  Mr. Williams, after being called offside, yelled at the Senior Assistant Referee, "That's a fucking bullshit call!  Open your damn eyes!"  (Any time a player is sent off for Foul, Abusive or Insulting Language, you should quote EXACTLY what was said, even including any four-letter words that are used.  Don't "bleep" them out of your report, such as "that's a f**king bulls**t call".  Spell them out completely, even if you don't normally use those words.  For disciplinary purposes, it is important to know exactly what was said.)

Unusual Occurrences:

In the 39th minute of play, the lights on field 8 went out.  The match was delayed for approximately 15 minutes until the lights came back on.  Play resumed with a dropped ball.  (Simple enough.)

In the 51st minute of play, with the home team leading 3-2, the match was stopped due to the approach of lightning.  After waiting the requisite 15 minutes, the lightning did not abate, and the match was then terminated.  All players and referees left the field area.  (Stating the time of the stoppage will help the proper authority determine whether or not the match should be replayed, or whether the result at the time shall be declared the final score.)

In the 77th minute of play, the coach of Team XYZ entered the field of play to protest a call to the referee.  The referee instructed the coach that he was being ejected from the match, that he should leave the area, and that the match would not continue until he departed.  The coach continued to argue, and was told further by the referee that he had 60 seconds to leave the area or the match would be abandoned.  The coach finally returned to his bench, gathered his things, and walked to the parking lot.  The match resumed with a throw-in for team ABC.  (In any similar instances, be clear about what occurred, why players/coaches were dismissed from the area, and what corrective actions you took.)

Karen Thompson of Team PDQ sat out this match while serving a suspension for a red card during a previous match.  (If a team asks you to note such information about players who are serving suspensions, please do so.)


In the 56th minute, Bob Jones (#22, Team PDF - #JON-22-2222) injured his right arm/shoulder while falling to the ground.  He left the match and did not return.  (Reporting injuries is very important for insurance purposes; but you're not a doctor, and don't need to make a specific diagnosis of the injury.  The general location of the injury will suffice.)

In the 84th minute, Mike Smith (#19, Team DOC - #SMI-66-6666) and Rob Johnson (#13, Team XLS - #JOH-00-1234) collided while both attempted to head the ball out of the air.  Smith was bleeding from the top of his head; Johnson appeared dizzy as he was assisted to the bench.  Both players left the match to seek treatment; neither returned to the match.  After the match, the coach of team XLS indicated that Johnson was taken to the hospital with a possible concussion.  (If the team provides you any further information about an injury [that the player was taken to the hospital, for example], it would be wise to include it.  If they don't provide that information, it wouldn't hurt to ask "did player X go to the hospital" if circumstances allow.)



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