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August 15, 2010

To:  All GMSA Referees

From:  Curt Rogers, GMSA President

Regarding:  Player Jersey Rules & Regulations

To all my fellow referees, PLEASE be sure that all players on every given team are wearing the same jersey..."same" means that it is identical in style, brand, and color.  "Close" to that, doesn't cut it.

We don't care about matching patches, silk-screening, logos, printing or whatever, but the jersey itself needs to be the same, with a permanently affixed number.  PLEASE do not allow anyone who has a non-matching jersey to participate. We have reinforced this with coaches on several occasions, so they should all be well aware of the policy, which has been in place for several years.  If you allow players to participate in something other than what is required, then our message doesn't have any teeth, and the problem will only get worse.  So PLEASE enforce this at the field, and DO NOT allow anyone in a non-conforming jersey to play, as our threats are only idle ones if the rule isn't enforced at the field.

This has only been a problem on a few prior occasions, but once is once too often. We are trying to be sticklers about this, to make it easier on you (and us) in the long run, to help keep illegal players off the field, to expedite player check-in, and keep the standards in our league high. Those of you who have been around for a while know that once upon a time, jerseys were a hodge-podge of different colored t-shirts and mismatched jerseys without numbers or any other way of identifying players, thus making the enforcement of misconduct impossible.  Sometimes it was hard to tell what team a player was on. We've tried really hard to get away from that over the last several years and raise the standards. Please help us keep those standards where they need to be.

All coaches have been lectured on this policy on multiple occasions, and they all know the rules. If any coach or players gives you a problem about enforcing this, you can tell them to take it up with me the next day. The league will back you 100%.  No one likes being the bad guy, but if we enforce it once, I guarantee it won't be a problem in the future.

If you have any questions about it, feel free to email me. Thanks for all your help this season and in the future; we hope you know just how much it is appreciated, as we could not have this type of league without you.



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