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Referees, to access the new GMSA report form, click the link below.  Before you begin:

* This is our new "real-time" report.  As soon as you submit your report, the information will go "live"...reports will automatically update results, tables, and standings.
So please enter ALL information VERY carefully.  You do have the ability to edit the reports, and the league will also be able to edit if there are problems afterwards.
A brief tutorial on the new reporting system is available here.

*All you need to do to start is select the game that you worked, and the next screen will populate the appropriate team information and rosters.
If you had cautions/send-offs during the match, another screen will also appear for you to enter the specifics of those cards.

* If there is any information that you cannot enter (for example, a player who scores and/or was cautioned/sent off does not appear on the player listings),
use the "Supplemental Comments" box at the bottom of the first screen to enter that information; the league will find the discrepancy afterwards.

Log-in and password will be emailed to you.  If you have not received it already, please contact Mike & Mark at:

If you have not yet been approved, please contact Mike & Mark at for details.



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