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GMSA Referee Report Tutorial

All, as you are aware, we shifted to a different type of match reporting system this year.  As you enter the data that is included, it goes "LIVE" to the website, and updates the on-line reports, standings, tables and statistics.  So it's critical that we get it right. :-)  As with all things "new", there are invariably some kinks to be worked out, and things to get used to, and we've noticed a few issues related to how things are being reported.  So in an effort to help you navigate the system and get used to these reports, I've taken some "screen shots" to assist you.  So please read the following carefully before you do your next report:

1. You'll want to log in here: (If you don't have the log-in & password yet, email me or Mike & Mark.)

2. Once logged in, click the "File/Edit Match Reports" link at the top of the page.  (You see all the current league/division tables below that.)

3. Select the "Submit A Report" link, and select the game you just worked.

4. Use the drop-down menu to select the match you just worked, then click "Submit Report".

5. You should a screen that looks like the following, with rosters for both teams, and options for entering goals and cards for each player.

* If you issue a a red card for a second caution, check both the yellow card and red card boxes.  You will be able to specify the reason for each card (including the second caution) on the next page.
* If any player scores a goal who is not list on the roster, please tyle their name in the "not listed above" box at the bottom of each roster, and list the number of goals that they scored.
* You should also use this slot ot record any "own goals" that were scored by the other team, credited to this team, by typing "GOALS" (in the first name box), "OWN" (in the last name box), and the number of own goals in the number box.
* NOTE:  "Team Goals" refers to goals credited to a team for a match that becomes a forfeit.  (For example, if team X shows up with fewer than 7 player, team Y wins by forfeit, 2-0.  This is the field we use to record that statistically.  Do not "TOTAL" the number of goals in this box, as this will "double" the final score.  Based on the goals that you credit to individual players, the final score will calculate autoamtically.  (See next screen.)

* Check the appropriate button regarding the status of the match (usually, "Played, Reported).
*If you ahve any serious injuries, or something unusual happens in the match (power outage, coach/spectators ejections, weather delays, etc.), please note those instances here.  ALso, if you have a player cautioned or sent of f who is not listed above, enter that information her as well.  You do not need to enter the details of each individual cuation/send off here; that will be done on the next screen.

6. Select the offense for each cautioned or sent off player from the drop-down menu.  (Within the send-off drop-down are all of the second-caution reasons as well as the send-off reasons.)  Statistically, a second cautions counts as one caution and one send-off, but each card still needs to be "reports" within the "comments" section with each listing, if applicatable.  NOTE:  If you did not have any cautions or send-offs in your match, you will not see this screen.

7. Double check the score on the final confirmation screen.

8. If you want to review the report you just submitted, you can do so from the "view a report" menu.  Just select the match you just submitted, and the report summary will appear.

9. If you need to EDIT anything in the report, select the "edit a report" menu.  Again, select the match you need to update, and click "edit report".

10. When you select "View A Report", you'll see a summary screen that looks like this.