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Coaches only, please fill out the information below.  We will use this information to assist us in scheduling your team this season.  Remember, this is only a statement of preference...we CANNOT make any guarantees.  As always, we have a LOT of things (tournaments, college/high school matches, referee availability, games of other leagues, etc.) to schedule around this season, not to mention the requests of our other teams in your division.  We'll do our best to accommodate your wishes, but all factors will have to be considered.  Those of you who have been around for a while know that you'll probably get the majority (60%-70%) of what you want, but there will be at least 2-3 games played at times that you would prefer not to do so.

To that end, we do not (and cannot) accept "black-out" dates or times.  Meaning, if you have dates or times that are bad for you, we will try to avoid them if possible...but you can't universally declare that you "cannot" play at a certain time, or on a certain date.  Such requests will not be acknowledged.  Scheduling is far too tight to guarantee those kinds of requests, regardless of the reason.  GMSA games are played at the following times:

Men's Games:  Most games are on Sundays at 5:30 & 7:30 (if there is tournament at Mike Rose Complex that same weekend), or 3:30 & 5:30 (if there is NOT)
                         Some games are on Thursdays at 6:40 and 8:30 pm

Coed Games:  Most games are on Tuesday nights at 6:40 & 8:30 pm
                        Some games are on Wednesday nights at 6:40 & 8:30 pm

Men's Over-35 Games:  Only on Monday nights - ususally at 8:15 pm and 9:15 pm
                                        Games MAY start at 7:15 pm occasionally, depending on field availability

This form is also used to keep our coaches contact information up-to-date, so please fill it out completely each season, even if you've filled it out before.  We would ask you to please provide a secondary contact person, phone number, and/or email, even if you don't have an official assistant coach, just in case we are unable to reach the head coach in the event of last-minute field changes or cancellations.  Thanks.

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