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Tournament Rules & Regulations:


a. All games will be played on Saturday and Sunday, May 20th & 21st, 2017.

b. All games will consist of two 25-minute halves with a five minute break at halftime. Any matches requiring a winner will go straight to kicks from the penalty mark per FIFA to determine a winner; no extra time will be played. (Semi-finals and finals may or may not be necessary, depending on the structure of each division/bracket.) See item F below for rules regarding kicks from the mark.

c. The first team listed on the schedule is the designated home team; the home team shall supply a game ball. The home team must also have an alternate jersey and be prepared to change, if, in the opinion of the referee, there is a color conflict. Team jerseys must match in color, style and brand, and have a unique number for each player. Player jersey numbers must match the jersey numbers submitted on the Official Tournament Roster. No sharing of jerseys permitted.

d. The tournament will be played under the FIFA Laws Of The Game that are in effect January 1, 2017, with the following exceptions:
* Substitutions are unlimited, and may be made at any out-of-bounds stoppage by either team at the discretion of the referee.
* There is no offside violation.
* Goalkeepers may not punt (or drop kick) the ball; distribution allowed only by throwing or playing with the feet.

e. Reminders:
* Shin guards are required for all players.
* Standard throw-ins will restart balls going into touch (no "kick-ins").
* Slide tackles will not be allowed in RIBS tournament play, similar to GMSA summer league play. (Any tackle that would have been legal during a regular match, restart is an indirect kick. Any tackle that would have been a foul in a regular match, restart is a direct kick or penalty kick, as applicable.)

f. For any games requiring a winner (semis/finals), games will go straight to kicks from the mark (no overtime/extra time)...standard best-of-five-kicks per FIFA.
During coed games, any kicks from the mark must have a female as one of each team's first three kickers...subsequent kicks may be taken by any of the four remaining kickers.
Only those players on the field at the end of regulation are eligible for kicks from the mark.
If more than seven kicks are required to determine the outcome, sudden death will continue with kicks moved back to the line at the top of the penalty box.

g. Should a penalty kick be called near the end of either half, and the clock expires prior to the kick being taken, time shall be extended for the taking of the penalty kick. Once the kick is either scored, missed, or saved by the goalkeeper, the half is over.

RIBS is an official Tennessee State Soccer Association (TSSA) sanctioned event. All teams will need an Official Tournament Roster submitted to the tournament committee prior to the beginning of the tournament. Only those players on each team's roster are allowed to participate for that team for the duration of the tournament. No guest players or non-rostered players are allowed under any circumstances. Referees will have a photo-ID roster for each team for each game; players will be checked in prior to their first game and spot-checked throughout the event. Teams may be rechecked if they advance to the finals.

Copies of each team's roster will also be posted at soccer central. Teams found to have used illegal players will incur forfeitrues and/or be disqualified from the remainder of the tournament.

A team roster must consist of a minimum of eleven (11) players, and may consist of a maximum of seventeen (17) players.

Games will consist of seven players on the field at all times...six field players plus a goalkeeper. For all coed games, there must be a minimum of two women on the field at all times, though playing more is acceptable (for example, four men and three women is perfectly legal.)
Players may not play on more than one team per league classification. Meaning, players may play on one men's team (regardless of division) or one women's team (regardless of division). Those players MAY also play on one coed team if they so choose, but ONLY one coed team (regardless of division). *NOTE: Men's over-35 is considered to be a separate classification from all other men's divisions, so men playing in this division MAY play on another men's team and/or coed team.

All players must be 18 years of age prior to December 31st of this year. All players in the men's over-35 division must turn 35 years of age prior to December 31st of this year.

A player who receives a red card must sit out the remainder of that game (no substitution allowed) and the game immediately following if applicable. If a red card is issued to a player for fighting/assault or for referee abuse, the player will be immediately ejected from the tournament.

Group standings will be determined using a 10-point scoring system as follows:

Win: 6 points
Tie: 3 points
Loss: 0 points
Shut Out: 1 point

1. Head-To-Head Result
2. Total Goal Differential
3. Fewest Goals Allowed
4. Most Goals Scored
5. Penalty Shootout

Format of each bracket will be determined once the number of participating teams is determined, but will include some form of round-robin play, guaranteeing every team at least three matches...semi-final and/or final elimination games may also be included.
At the end of each game, after verifying both scores, the winning coach/manager must sign the game card. An information board posting schedules, results and standings will be available near the fields.

If weather issues (or subsequent field conditions) make it impossible to carry out the tournament to its full extent, the tournament committee will make the necessary decisions concerning the rearrangement or cancellation of games for any reason, in conjunction with the grounds manager of the Mike Rose Soccer Complex.

Fees are non-refundable, if games or the tournament are cancelled for any reason.
The tournament committee has the right to shorten the length of games. The decision to suspend games due to lightning will be made by the tournament committee. If one half of the game has been played before termination for weather conditions or tournament committee decision, the game stands as a completed match.

A game may be suspended or delayed by the tournament committee without necessarily being terminated. If there is a need to suspend any games due to severe weather, announcements will be made over the radios to the field managers, and via email to team coaches/managers. The games will resume as soon as possible. Any adjustments will be announced at that time.
Misconduct: A team shall forfeit a game if, in the opinion of the referee, its conduct causes a game to be prematurely terminated or abandoned.

No grace period is allowed. Listed games times are actual kickoff times. Please be present at the field at least 15-20 minutes prior to the start of your match. Every match is 55 minutes (25 minutes halves with a five minute halftime) in specific time blocks (typically between 70 and 90 minutes), depending on the schedule for that day. This means only a 15-30 minute break between matches, so teams should be ready to take the field, warm-up, and be ready to go at the scheduled start time. Failure to do so will result in a forfeiture. Only the tournament committee can authorize a delay or schedule start-time change.

No protests will be allowed. All referee decisions are final.

The tournament uses a system of field marshals to help keep the games on time, as a resource in case of problems, and as a first line of communication. Each field marshal will have a communications radio. Medical staff and the referees are also linked to Tournament headquarters and the field marshals in case of emergencies. Tournament headquarters will be located at the red pavilion between fields 4/5/6/7.

The RIBS tournament is a charity event benefiting two charities very important to children. As such, RIBS strives to maintain a "family friendly" atmosphrere at our venue during all tournament activites. We realize this is an adult tournament where the weather is usually warm and humid, and tempers can occasionally become equally "warm". But we ask that all coaches, players and spectators observe conduct, language, and overall behavior that is befitting of a family-friendly event. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

The following is a list of rules, regulations, and restrictions for the Mike Rose Soccer Complex where all tournament games are to be played. All team representatives, players, family, and friends are to be familiar with these rules; any failure to comply with them may result in the team forfeiting a particular game or disqualification from the tournament.
Please help us enforce these safety rules by informing others who are unaware of the rules. These rules are in place for the safety and comfort of all our participants and spectators and mandated by our insurance advisors. Thank you for your compliance.

- During league games, home team will determine which side of the field the team, coaches and spectators will occupy
- No dogs or other animals in the playing field areas (pets allowed in lake area only)
- No bicycles, skateboards or scooters in the field areas or pathways
- No unauthorized vehicles on cart paths
- No destruction or damage to any property including climbing over the white fence
- No profanity, vulgar language or fighting
- No parking on main road and entrances into parking areas. Park only in designated spaces due to emergency vehicle access
- No entry onto playing fields by persons not authorized. This includes cutting across and warming up on closed fields. In order to maintain the highest standard for play, fields must be given time to recover. This policy will be strictly enforced and your cooperation is appreciated.
- No fuel heaters
- No alcohol or drugs
- No unauthorized fireworks or other explosive devices
- No fires of any kind
- No smoking in playing field area. The playing field area includes any vicinity within the white fence.
- No weapons of any kind
- No swimming or wading in the lake
- No solicitation of any type
- No littering
The following are permitted in the lake area only. The lake area is located in the southwest corner of the complex.

- Bicycles: Helmet use is mandatory
- Skateboards: Helmets, elbow pads and knee pads are mandatory.
- Scooters: Helmets, elbow pads and knee pads are mandatory.
- Pet Walking: Pets must be on a leash at all times. For health and safety reasons, pet owners shall be responsible for removing droppings and other waste from the lake area. This includes all grass and pathway areas.
Visitors: NO swimming in the lake
-MRSC Management reserves the right to amend these rules as necessary.
-MRSC Management shall have final ruling over all complex issues.
-Failure to comply will result in actions that may include, but are not limited to, disciplinary hearings, ejection from facility and/or arrest.

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